Friday, October 7, 2011

Papa John's Pizza supports false child abuse reports?

A Denver Papa John's delivery driver smelled marijuana at a home where he made a delivery. So what does he do? He calls the police, reports the odor, and states there was child in the home. The police raid the home, naturally.

Denver Post reports that the Papa John's customer is an authorized medical marijuana user. I remind the reader that medical marijuana use is legal in Colorado. Additionally, most jurisdictions do not recognize that adult drug use automatically constitutes child abuse or neglect. . .there must be proof of harm to the child before state intervention is justified.

Papa John's reportedly stands behind their employee's actions.

Puh-leese. I say Papa John's needs to train it's employees about the presumption of innocence, and about the penalties for making a false report of child abuse, and about the effects of removing a child from the family home when the child is not in legitimate danger.

After all, that's what this was. . .a false report of child abuse. And Papa John's supports that.

So, how does this employee know what marijuana smells like. . .has he/she inhaled?

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  1. My nephew was taken away from his mother when he was 2 months old in may of 2010 and in july of 2011 they took her parental rights away the first of October they did a tdm meeting and they invited me to the meeting I felt because I was approved from my back ground checks and my home inspection went great but no they just wanted to tell me that they were going to take the baby and away form the foster parents and then put him with an adoptive family in Colorado instead of me his aunt.


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