Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summary Judgement Entered Against Ohio Family Rights

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio has confirmed what Suzanne Shell has been claiming all along: That Ms. Shell is the owner of the copyright in Parents Guide to the System. 

Defendant Ray Lautenschlager, who has admitted he operates 
under the non-business alter-ego Ohio Family Rights, has been found liable for wilful copyright infringement of this book in Shell v. Ohio Family Rights, et. al. The images here are from the summary judgment entered against Mr. Lautenschlager.

The basis of this finding is that Ms. Barnes exceeded the authority granted under the license granted to her by Ms. Shell, which invalidates the permissive use, making this entire work an infringement of Ms. Shell's copyright.  

Ray Lautenschlager got it wrong, along with all supporters of Cheryl Barnes, when they called Ms. Shell a liar and a thief for asserting her property rights to this book. All supporters of the plagiarist Cheryl Barnes are now on notice that they may not distribute, display, or share this book without committing copyright infringement. 

Ray Lautenschlager has been left holding the bag for damages awarded to Ms. Shell. Just like his same supporters left Leonard Henderson hold the damages bag for their copyright infringements. Funny, how quickly these so-called family advocates desert their leaders when the rubber hits the road.