Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Texas, CPS, FLDS and The Professionals Can't Get it Right!

Alice F. Barlow will not sign the CPS safety plan, and CPS wants to retaliate and take her kids away from her. Supervisor Lyn McFadden stated no changes would be implement to the safety plan, in other word, take it or leave it and lose your kids, lady. Story and docs here.

The affidavit in support of the motion to take the kiddies away states, "Due to the ongoing joint investigation between CPS and Law enforcement, I [the caseworker, Paul Dyer] could not divulge all the facts CPS is relying upon in requesting that Dr. Lloyd Barlow have no contact with his children Virginia and Lynda." I told you so. . .Lawyers for parents and children are engaging in malpractice if they haven't moved the court to issue protective orders. Child welfare and criminal cases are totally different, have different goals. Protective orders protect the integrity of child welfare cases and serve the legislative purpose to protect children and strengthen the family.

For the record, folks, Dr. Barlow has NOT been accused of nor is being investigated for child sexual abuse of either of the two children named in the complaint. The motion for removal seems to be based largely on the allegation that he married a sixteen year old in 2001, without stating whether or not her parents consented to her marriage or whether a judge allowed it pursuant to the existing law of the time. What a convenient omission. For the record, my husband's mother legally married his father when she was sixteen. . .and had her first child within a year. She was a French citizen and my father-in-law was an adult American Airman stationed in France when they met and married. So what? Get a life, Paul Dryer. And that he failed to report child sexual abuse of his patients, for which he was indicted. I doubt that he witnessed any child sexual abuse. . .I apologize for being indelicate, but nobody has alleged he witnessed the actual alleged sex acts committed against a child that he was purported to be required to report. How can he legitimately report something he didn't actually see?

If course, CPS also must punish the mother for refusing to agree to CPS terms. . ."Alice F. Barlow shall not allow Llyod Barlow to have any contact, in any form, or being the presence of [his own children]. Alice F. Barlow shall notify Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services immediately if Alice F. Barlow discovers that Lloyd Barlow has had any form of contact with [his own children]," and "Alice F. Barlow shall prevent [her children] from being within 1000 feet of the location known as 'YFZ Ranch' in Eldorado, Texas."

Let's see. . .Mom, you can't live in your home town. We found a suspected-but-not-convicted sex offender living there so you must pack up and move. Yeah, right. Check your state sex offender registry, dear reader. How many of them live within a few miles of your home or your child's school? How many work in your child's school? How many, like Jeff Rentz in Colorado Springs, work for CPS? How would you like being ordered by a retarded caseworker to move or lose your kids for a reason as specious as this?

I must observe that there is less incriminating evidence of child sexual abuse against Dr. Barlow and less identified risk that he will abuse his little girls or even aloow them to be abused than there is against at least 50% of CPS licensed foster homes where these little girls have a good chance of being placed. Come on, CPS. . .this so-called safety plan is hypocritical and totally sto-opid will not protect the children. All you really need is an agreement that mom and dad will not marry off the little girls before they are eighteen. . .and ta-da. . .they are safe. I'll bet mom Alice will sign that one. Boneheads.

Good for Alice. I wouldn't sign that dumb safety plan either. I'd offer my own, just to prove reasonable effort weren't made. I hope her attorney and the children's attorneys know how to handle this. If not, she's screwed and it will cost her her children.