Friday, December 16, 2011

Teaching Children to Protect Themselves and Their Family

Readers can now get Knowing My Rules: Who Do I Trust for Nook and Kindle

This book teaches children how to recognize when it is unsafe to answer questions by police, caseworkers or school personnel, and what to do when faced with unsafe questioning.

We are living in an age where our children have become extremely vulnerable to influences that are destructive to the family unit. It is no secret that children are easily manipulated and even coerced into making false disclosures during child abuse investigations. The children are not to blame for this. The professionals charged with protecting America’s children have an extensive history of validating accusations with a blatant disregard for the truth and at the expense of the best interests of the child. The only way to protect your children is to teach them how to protect themselves when you are not present.


  1. This information is *so* important....but what if you're a dinosaur and read things the old fashioned way? In other words, is this available in print, or only on Kindle and Nook?

    1. You can obtain this book at on the publications page. There is an option for an electronic version or a hard copy.

      Sorry Internet Explorer users, pjdotcom web site does not view well in IE. It takes FOREVER to load. The content is all there, but the arrangement is all messed up. Since I hate anything Microsoft and see no reason to support MS products, I haven't taken the time to fix it. . . .sorry.

      It looks great in Safari (it was designed on a Mac) and Firefox. Don't know about Chrome, I downloaded it and hated it so I removed it.

      IE users, Safari works great on my HP Microsoft XP. . .consider switching.


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