Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Child investigators were called on more than one occasion to the home."

How many times must we see this, in conjunction with repeated reports to child welfare agencies, and focusing on state-approved, state licensed parents? The creation of legal orphans and artificial families has proven to be much more dangerous than the child welfare agencies would have us believe.

Here is one from this week. This family adopted four children from foster care in Florida. One is dead, another fighting for his life in the hospital. The rest are back in foster care, in yet another home licensed and approved by the same agency the screwed this placement up. Read the article and see what torture these children endured in this state-approved, state licensed foster and adoptive home, even after repeated calls to the agency that the children were being abused. Sadistic father.

How do these repeated reports go unsubstantiated?  Stay tuned to this blog, my next article will shed some insight into that phenomenon. Meanwhile, I can only wonder what was the reason for them being removed from their parents and the parental rights being terminated. Was it anything as bad as what happened to them in their "forever family?"

If you are a parent in Florida whose twins, a boy and a girl, born around 2001, were taken into custody around 2004, and your parental rights were terminated, email me.I'd like to know your side of the story.

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