Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poverty Construed as Neglect. . .HUD Steps up to do the Job CPS Refused to Do

Hud has stepped up to the plate that CPS walked away from. It's providing homes for the indigent to prevent the removal of children in to foster care.

But. . .but. . .that's CPS's job, isn't it? If a family needs a home, Reasonable Efforts mandates that CPS provide a roof for the family before it removes the children. Yet, they don't do their job. This has got to be embarrassing for the professionals who administer child welfare. Another agency got wind they just couldn't get 'er done, and did it better. 

An article in describes HUD's reasons for providing rental assistance to families,
“The foster care system is an important safety net for children when there’s no alternative, but not having the means to obtain affordable housing is hardly a good reason for families to be divided,” said U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan. “Thankfully these vouchers will keep thousands of families together under one roof.”
The true test will be whether or not CPS can finagle an end-run around this solution. They have a knack for creating more obstacles preventing solutions to simple problems, just because they can. After all, holding the child hostage to their demands tends to give them an inordinate degree of power.

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