Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kansas, SRS problems escalate

The press conference held yesterday by Kansas family rights group Citizens-for-Change has resulted in yet another front page article in the Wichita Eagle condemning certain practices by Kansas Social and Rehabilitative Agency, and Secretary Don Jordan.

It seems that Mr. Jordan has become the target of a feeding frenzy which looks like more of a knee-jerk reaction than a well thought out solution to a very serious problem. AFAC has not joined the call for his resignation as the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform has.

Don't get me wrong, from a family rights perspective, Mr. Jordan is incompetent. But so are most state heads of CPS agencies. He's obviously got something to bring to the job, even if it is only really pretty ass-kissing.

I know from reliable sources that other serious problems were raised at the March 18 meeting with Mr. Jordan, but this one has gotten all the attention. I see a way that Mr. Jordan could come of this smelling like a rose, and save Governer Kathleen Sebelius's precious hopes for a vice presidential slot with Obama. Kansas could become the model for a more family friendly, best practice child welfare agency if the leadership cared for those kind of kudos.

I don't think Mr. Jordan needs to be canned. Instead, I think SRS has a great opportunity to fix their child welfare system, keep the federal funds flowing in, and come out looking like real heroes.

I don't want to flog the Kansas dog like Richard Wexler appears to want to do, what's the point? I want to solve the problem and I have some ideas where pretty much everyone gets to save face. Just in case anyone is interested.

KSN news story

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